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Securing Your Microcontroller with Arm TrustZone Technology | Oren Hollander | Webinar 2021
The Armv8-M architecture extends TrustZone technology to Cortex-M based systems, enabling robust levels of protection at all cost points.
TrustZone reduces the potential for attack by isolating the critical security firmware and private information, such as secure boot, firmware update, and keys, from the rest of the application.

TrustZone technology offers an efficient, system-wide approach to security with hardware-enforced isolation built into the CPU.
In this webinar you are about to be exposed to embedded software security challenges and how to use TrustZone in order to address them.

- Embedded software vulnerabilities and common attacks
- What is TrustZone technology for Armv8-M
- TrustZone architecture in Cortex-M devices
- Toolchain Support
- Is TrustZone security enough?
- Q&A

Speaker Biography:
Oren Hollander is HandsOn-Training CEO and a senior lecturer, certified by Intel, ARM, NXP, ST and NewAE.

Hollander is a worldwide ARM, security for embedded systems, and FPGA expert, helping hardware engineers, software engineers and security researchers to design secure and high performance/low power systems.

Hollander trains the top notch customers such as Apple, Samsung, Marvell, Intel, Microsoft, Broadcom, Infineon, Nvidia, NXP, secret agencies and military to name a few.
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