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Hunting for the keys of the SAMA5 castle | Dmitry Janushkevich Webinar
Talk Abstract:
Good system security relies on a root of trust anchored in hardware. In modern embedded systems, this hardware is the System-on-Chip (SoC). These come with varying amounts of ROM code implementing the very first steps in system bring-up as well as figuring out what device they should boot from and, crucially, authenticating and/or decrypting the next stage of the boot chain. Naturally, as ROM code comes first, it also has the highest privileges in the whole process and has to be absolutely bug-free...

This webinar will take you on an entertaining journey of exploring the security model of SAMA5 device series and specifically the SAMA5D2 line. We will also discuss why implementing security functions correctly is just as important as designing them right, and learn a lesson or two from the recently disclosed issues pertaining to that very family of SoCs.

Speaker Bio:
Dmitry Janushkevich ( began his career as a testing and later embedded software engineer working on the development of leading-edge solid-state drive technologies. Together with a bachelor's degree in computer systems design, this provided a strong background in embedded systems design and development for future explorations in their security. After joining F-Secure and gaining experience in customer-facing consultancy, embedded systems security became his primary focus. He has a strong track record in providing security-related consulting for automotive, aerospace, and consumer electronics industries.
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