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A Look Into (Few) Side-channel and Fault attack vulnerabilities in lattice based PQC schemes and Countermeasures | Webinar
Talk Abstract:
With the recent advances in capability of Quantum computers, the future of public key cryptography is threatened. Widely used algorithms like RSA, ECC will no longer be secure when a powerful quantum computer is available. As a response, NIST has started an effort to standardize quantum resistant cryptography or popularly known as Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC). As these PQC algorithms will still run on standard devices ranging from low resource IoT to high-end servers, they also suffer from threat of implementation attacks as much as standard cryptography.

In this talk, we will present a few side-channel and fault attacks on lattice based PQC algorithms running in an embedded environment. The presented attacks are low-complexity, some down to even single trace and easy to mount. Finally, countermeasures are proposed with a discussion on incurred overheads.

Speaker Bio:
Shivam Bhasin is a Senior Research Scientist and Programme manager (Cryptographic engineering) at Temasek laboratories, Nanyang Technical University (TL@NTU), Singapore since 2015. His research interests include embedded security, trusted computing and security of AI. He received his PhD from Telecom Paristech in 2011, Master’s from Mines Saint-Etienne, France in 2008, both in the domain of hardware security. He regularly publishes at top peer reviewed journals and conferences. He has served as General Chair COSADE 2017, Program Chair SPACE 2019 and COSADE 2021. Some of his research now also forms a part of ISO/IEC 17825 standard.
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