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Breaking chips with undetectable hardware trojans | Matt Venn | webinar 2021
In this webinar Matt Venn will demonstrate some ASIC reverse engineering and compromise its operation by introducing an undetectable error.

PadSec (making the world a better place through IoT padlocks) is losing market fast against their competitors SecureCo. Hearing that SecureCo are launching a new padlock that leverages a new IC, the desperate executives of PadSec have paid you to hack the TSCS foundry where SecureCo's new chip is being manufactured.

Your job: introduce an undetectable fault into the new IC that will ruin SecureCo's reputation and save the company.

In this webinar Matt will take you through the following:

- viewing and understanding IC dies,
- looking at the various mask layers that make up an IC,
- extracting a circuit netlist from the GDS mask files,
- simulating the extracted circuit,
- what a hardware trojan is and why some are undetectable with microscopes,
- identifying where to place a hardware trojan in the netlist,
- altering the GDS files to introduce the fault.

Speaker Biography:
Matthew Venn is a renowned technology communicator who has recently completed his own Zero to ASIC journey. He brings 20 years of engineering experience to create excellent and innovative learning experiences for people all over the world. His online Zero to ASIC course has been very highly rated by participants. He submitted to the 1st Google tapeout in 2020, and the 2nd in June 2021 included 14 designs from course participants.
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